The 3 Cs – Children, Cake & Chaos

Photographing children…a pleasure or a chore? That definitely depends on the children involved! I know every new parent thinks their newborn baby is an angel but ask them a few sleepless nights later and I’m guessing their response may have changed a little. Children can be adorable, smile sweetly and provide fantastic candid shots of pure emotions. They can also attack you, whilst trying to smother your camera in cake and transition through mood changes faster than a PMT woman lacking chocolate. So, when faced with littleluns to photograph, what should you do?


Skilled, stupid or suicidal?

When you’re out and about taking photographs, every now and again you inevitably bump into some other like-minded souls, laden down with equipment and making the same critical decision – is it worth setting up the tripod up for a shot or is it time to bail for a cup of tea somewhere warm?  Aside from fascinating conversations…

How my DSLR led a busload of Americans into a ditch

Amazingly, they all went into the ditch willingly, with no encouragement from me. Before you start to worry, I should point out that no-one was hurt. They were bemused and confused, but perfectly fine in themselves. If you own a DSLR, you may be familiar with the scenario I encountered. Holding a DSLR is like holding the One Ring, it imparts a power on the owner which is so great, people around you start to think that you are a fountain of knowledge and capable of doing all sorts of things.