Time to shoot the boss

Don’t worry, my first dabble in the world of blogging isn’t as a stressed out employee, unsubtly confessing to committing murder in the workplace. My weapon of choice is loaded with a memory card, not even an ‘extreme’ super fast one – hardly the adrenaline pumping stuff of the next James Bond blockbuster. Nevertheless, it seems merely holding a camera with intent in the workplace can strike fear into almost everyone!


How my DSLR led a busload of Americans into a ditch

Amazingly, they all went into the ditch willingly, with no encouragement from me. Before you start to worry, I should point out that no-one was hurt. They were bemused and confused, but perfectly fine in themselves. If you own a DSLR, you may be familiar with the scenario I encountered. Holding a DSLR is like holding the One Ring, it imparts a power on the owner which is so great, people around you start to think that you are a fountain of knowledge and capable of doing all sorts of things.